Saturday, May 22, 2010

this is good

somewhere between sensual and drunk.
that's the best place to be, i reckon.

so much is going on in my whirlwind of a little life i can barely keep up.
i want to write a book about it. which no one will read.

i want to go swimming with all my clothes on.
i want another bottle of wine and a surplus of short videos about friends and family.
i want to cuddle.
i want to get caught in the rain, alone, so i can dance with no one watching.
i want someone else to change my guitar strings, because i'm really not looking forward to that.
and i'd really like to be on a greyhound bus that is almost just about to get to jasper, which will then get to blue river at 2 am (pacific time), which means it will get to kamloops at around 5 am, which means i will fall asleep and wake up to the coquihalla highway.

i'm all a flutter lately, and i'm very much looking forward to the next week and all it's wonderful events and outings. rararararararah!

(cross our hearts and hope to die, swear by stars that light the night... and i can't help but feel like this is good)

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