Thursday, April 22, 2010

i wonder if my breathing sounds loud to these people?

i hate studying in areas with people because i'm incredibly distracted by noises everyone makes. usually, to solve this problem, i have ear plugs that i use... today i do not have these. however, when i do wear them all i can concentrate on is how loud my breathing is. then i start wondering if i sound as loud as i think i do to people around me and by this time my focus is non existant.

i want to go fly a kite.
right now.

plastic bag plastic bag plastic bag.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

silver sole.

it's well above normal in the temperature department.
tomorrow i could actually tan if i wanted to, however i enjoy having pale skin all year round so i'm going to not do that.

just promise me we will see a thunderstorm at some point?
that's all i really want right now.

or a sunset at the end of the world.
maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

voluntary blindness from staring straight into the sun.

it's around this time of year, season, semester where i get flashes of leaving everything behind in pursuit of solitary travels, oceans, rocks with barnacles on them, food i never consider trying, people i always want to talk to but never end up getting brave enough to, etc etc.

that or drinking to the point of absolute stupidity.

as i sit amongst a rather heavy feast of knowledge and research surrounding me at every single angle, i don't feel like doing anything. i could pick a paper topic that i was absolutely passionate about yet when the time came to write it, i couldn't give a good god damn about it.

that's where i'm at now.

my life is an endless cycle of repetition and i'm sick of going through the same motions every day. i'm sick of having the same fights every fight and i'm honestly so incredibly tired of having my future predicted onto me by my family.

on top of this sense of caged possibilities due to school work i have no interest in doing, it's fucking windy. not just breezy, but gusting so that you can't breathe windy. it's allergy season and instead of rain i got snow. instead of rain i got wind. trees are budding in vancouver and i got snow.

i'm being a big stupid baby today and i'm sick of always having it come down to this.