Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hey remember that time

spider bite, spider bite, spider bite.
grass rash, grass rash, grass rashhh
bruising, bruising, bruising,
sunburn, sunburn, sunburn

bum bum bum bum bum bum....
hey remember that time when you od'd?

play it. it's fun.

rub me down. aftersun lotion and love please.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

i feel evil creeping in

i want to get you alone
peeeeeeel off your clothes...

i'll get brave one day.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

one of us is right.

i have 23 best friends and they swim in the sea on sundays.
they all feel sand in between their toes on mondays
they all crave sunshine on wednesdays and count down the minutes till friday.

they all fall in love in the spring time, and cry in the winter.
they all read clocks, daytimers, calendars and scribble important dates on their palms with markers.

we all grow up and we all will die in at least 75 years.

we all know the alphabet but only 4 of us can say it backwards. (i am not one of them).
we all chase pigeons across intersections with our bikes, our feet, our cars.
none of us actually know how to fly a plane and landing would be difficult at best.

we've all listened to a record on the turntable as the loves of our lives mixed a salad in a wooden bowl. a fire softly crackling in the fireplace to the left. we've all felt the sunshine on our face while lying on our backs in front of an open window.

17 of us have been in love. (i am one of them).
we have all felt the racing pulse of another from our cheeks resting firmly. we have all cried tears of sorrow, off loss, of relief.

and much like those who know time is running out, counting the grains of sand in every single hourglass of every single minute and second and millisecond... we all are standing on the edge of something much bigger than our bones and our skin. or our hair and finger nails. dead, self replicating versions of everything we've ever known will surround us all while we try to make sense of dates, time-lines, bloodlines and why out of every speck we've ever photographed, we're the only place that seems to flourish with our circumstance.

there's a flurry of activity being documented by whatever it is that follows us.

and i just feel like crying for a little while.