Friday, July 31, 2009

ollie ollie oxen free

i'm addicted to working out and eating somewhat healthy.
i leave in 21 days for vancouver island and i am getting so excited, even for the plane ride.
i broke my computer and have since finished reading 2 books i had started.
i literally just want to listen to "summertime clothes" by animal collective on absolute repeat.
i have a bedtime routine of pudding and 30 rock and i really like that.
my phone got stolen at work, i'm upset only because i had verses of songs i was working on in my memos.
i'm working on a summer mix for some friends and it just makes me want to dance. naturally i am getting distracted.
i'm SO excited for a city of edmonton karaoke party. 80s, no less.

it's been a stressful week and sadly we are going to be putting our cat down at some point in the next week. i wish she would just die naturally already, because the idea of taking her out of her house for the first time in years and never bringing her home kind of breaks my heart into a million pieces. it's for the best. i seriously don't want to have to be cleaning up after her when my family is gone. she's just too much to deal with and i'm sick of everything smelling like cat pee.

other than that, life has been interesting, but still fairly awesome.

"i want to walk around with you, i want to walk around with you"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

thirty four


vanilla almond milk.
summer skin.
chocolate almond milk x4000
"i like you, so there's that"
plans of the "dickmove!!!" variety.
videos of plane takeoffs on youtube.
summer storm force for reeeealz.
34 days till takeoff.
shopping trip!


guilt? is that what this is?
scheduling sucks, man.
where did all my chocolate almond milk go?

pros are definitely uppercutting the shit out of cons lately. this summer has been amazing despite the lack of friend time, band time, alone time and sleep time. he's not hard to look at either.