Saturday, October 3, 2009

somebody: the reckless life and remarkable career of

i'm torn between reading and writing.
the walls in my house are too thin to drown everyone else out. which makes studying a distraction packed nightmare.

the oilers just scored.

i want silk sheets. i want to be naked in them.
i don't have silk sheets, so i'm bundled up in sweatpants.
i've been craving egg salad all day. i don't even know why.
i want to expand my room and remodel everything, i need more hangers.

zeus fucked everything.

i am strongly considering cutting my hair. it will grow later.
i miss the sun, and resent the absence of fall. acclimatizing is hard work.
i crave the feeling of someones hands all over me. i've been too busy, yet not busy at all.

i think it's time for a bubble bath break.

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