Monday, June 7, 2010

the tallest man on earth...

the cutest girl in a rain storm.

we ain't seen the sun in years, my friend.
what do you think this is? 49° 15' 0" North, 123° 8' 0" West? wrong.
wrong, wrong, wrong.

4 dollars can buy you all the memories you never made, places you've never been and people you've never known. it's the creation behind the faces of strangers, buildings and cars that counts. how many souls have you stolen? running counts mean nothing, it's final.

this out of tune piano is begging to be sung to, a warble and a whisper and clean, soft fingers. i want to play you, touch you, soft to start yet harder still. to drown out the drone of the television with a major and minor chord and damper pedal. i wish you were closer to me, you echo too much in the emptiness of the living room.

my chai tea keeps me locked to this chair, but soon i must venture out into the world and rain.
lists have been written and destiny has been handed to me.
it's grocery day.

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